Main Achievements

Marvellous Mimi / Main Achievements
6633 Extreme Ultra Marathon – 2007

352 mile self sufficiency non-stop race in the Arctic. Overall winner & course record holder 143 hrs 23 mins.

Female World Record Holder for Jogle – 2008

Running from John O’Groats to Lands End. 840 miles 12 days 15 hrs 46 mins.

Double Comrades – 2009

1st Female & 4th person to ever achieve this.

Grand Union Canal Race – 2010

145 mile non-stop race along the Grand Union Canal in under 45 hrs NEW COURSE RECORD: 28hrs 12 mins.

Namibian Desert Challenge - 2010

220km 5 day staged race Overall winner

Double Badwater - 2011

Female course record holder. 292 miles: 108 hrs 10 mins 24 seconds (3rd fastest ever crossing).

Spartathlon - 2011

153 miles non-stop from Athens to Sparta in under 36 hrs. 3rd Female & 1st Brit home in 32hrs 33 mins.

Overall World Record Holder for M2M – 2012

Running 345 miles from Top to bottom of Ireland
3 days 15 hrs 36 mins.

Viking Way - 2012

146 Miles non-stop, 3rd overall only female finisher to date.

Female Performance of the Year - 2012

Awarded by UK Ultra Runner Awards for fastest crossing of Ireland.

Physical Endeavour Award - 2013
Double Grand Union Canal Race - 2013

145 mile non-stop race from Birmingham to Little Venice in London.  I began my Double on 23rd May at 9am from Little Venice running to Birmingham in 31hrs 50 mins returning with the race back to Little Venice in 36hrs 49 mins. I am the only person to have ever achieved this.

Cyprus Ultra - 2014

135 Miles, only finisher. New Course Record.

Freedom Runners - 2014

1,968km run from Pietermaritzburg to Paarl in South Africa over 32 days.

Double Spartathlon - 2015

153 Miles from Athens to Sparta in under 36hrs – 35:07. 153 miles from Sparta to Athens – 47 hrs. I became the first female to ever achieve the double an iconic, gruelling, challenging race.

World Record attempt to run across America - 2017

Ran 2, 217.2 miles across the USA, that’s 3/4 of the way across the third largest Continent in the world in 40 days!  I was aiming to run 2,850 miles in 53 days but unfortunately I sustained massive damage to my knee that would have resulted in a knee replacement on returning to the UK had I continued.  I have a high pain threshold but eventually even I couldn’t cope with the pain.   Although not the result I wanted I have achieved something that very few people in the world have or will ever achieved.