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Off to play in the snow!

While out running on Tuesday I met a lovely lady called Trish.  We bump into each other every so often and always stop for a wee chat.  Trish is 71 years young (I know she won't mind me mentioning her age) and runs her 5 mile route at least 3...

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A marvellous 2015!

As I get older time seems to go by in a flash so I try and make the most of each and every opportunity given to me as you never know what's round the corner! 2015 began with my first race Run the Ran held on the “island” of Khadir Bet in the Gujurat...

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Training for Project 2016 begins!

After the Double  Spartathlon I took about 4 weeks off from running.  The first couple of weeks I did nothing other than take my dog for a walk, to be quite honest my body wasn't up to anything more than walking, it felt tired. With two weeks of just walking I...

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Double Spartathlon – Thank you

We did it!  I still can't believe that my crew and I have completed something we set out to do two years ago!  Finishing the race itself was extremely emotional (as you can see from the photo!) I was so overwhelmed that I had actually done it I simply couldn't...

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Spartathlon kicks off on Friday!

Tomorrow after weeks of training I'm finally off to Greece together with my crew Becky, Paul and Tim to take part in the 2015 Spartathlon - am I nervous? Just a little. The race is 245km (153 mile) non-stop from Athens to Sparta (with a mountain after 160km) the first 42km...

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How things have changed!

Over the past few months I have throughly enjoying following fellow runners taking part in races such as the Lakeland 50/100, UTMB, CCC, T184, LL130 and best of all I could do this from the comfort of my own home by tracking them on my laptop - how times have changed! When...

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