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Mimi’s World Records and challenges have been achieved because of her drive, strength and determination together with the support of a strong team (crew) supporting her. Mimi talks to companies about team-building, goal setting and developing a high performance culture.


Mimi deliver talks to schools about her adventures running in the Arctic, the jungle, deserts and mountains as well as her World Records.


Mimi talks to groups preparing for challenges and races (such as Marathon des Sables, Spartathlon, Jungle Ultra, multidays), based on her extensive experience of extreme endurance challenges.


You could hear a pin drop when Mimi shared her incredible life story with our audience. She is as honest as she is inspirational - and her enthusiasm truly is infectious. Everyone wanted to hear more from her!

Jacqueline Law - Managing Partner, Aberdein Considine (UK Law firm)

“Mimi Anderson’s talk was incredibly inspiring and interesting. Her presentation was very well laid out and the audience were captivated throughout. The pupils were engaged in her presentation and enthralled by her level of achievement. I would highly recommend Mimi for speaking within Schools.”

Mrs Miller - Director of Sixth Form Ashford School

Mimi's talk to our senior pupils was such an inspiration. She shared an amazing story which was full of challenge and endeavour, honesty and humour. It was also communicated in a very matter of fact way leaving us with the message that you can do anything you want with enough resilience, perseverance and determination. Each time the pupils think they can't do something I am able to remind them of Mimi and her determination. An inspiring talk of incredible achievements.

Mrs Shelley Lance - Headmistress

The “Living outside the comfort zone” talk that Marvellous Mimi gave at our flagship event Huddle enthralled an audience of 60 marketing and media professionals. They were understandably in awe of Mimi’s achievements and yet the thing that everyone said afterwards is that what makes her so inspiring is her humility, humour and warmth. Everyone wanted to hear more from her. “She made us feel like she is one of us. Normal, down-to-earth, friendly. A wife. A mother. She’s amazing.” And yet her accomplishments are beyond the comprehension of human endurance for most people! It is this combination of incredible strength with humility that makes Mimi such an amazing inspiration for any audience. She is truly Marvellous!

Paul Rowlinson - Mindshare | Chief Operating Officer

Mimi Anderson had the audience enthralled from start to finish. Her talk was very well prepared and delivered in a most natural and engaging style. Mimi talks about her extraordinary achievements so enthusiastically and yet so modestly that as an audience member you can’t help but be totally wowed by her. During Mimi’s talk at the Live MORE Lectures the audience broke out into spontaneous applause not just at the end but also during Mimi’s talk. No other speaker we’ve hosted has evoked such a reaction. I know I speak for the whole room when I say we could have listened to Marvellous Mimi all evening.

Kate Treleaven - - Endurancelife

“Mimi is an old friend of mine and hearing her talk about her extraordinary ‘other life’ as an extreme marathon runner and athlete always left me lost in admiration. I felt that my pupils would benefit from hearing her story and so, in 2007, after she had completed the 352 mile Arctic run, I invited her to come to speak to a group of about 200 students, staff and parents. Mimi was a huge hit. She spoke from the heart about her life, what it is to feel driven to take on these challenges, what it feels like to take part and what it feels like to finish. The Arctic challenge was a particularly riveting account and the entire audience was mesmerised, not least when Mimi invited one of the students to try on the backpack she carried with her. It was a fascinating evening and, of course, since then Mimi has taken on even more exceptional challenges and has even more to tell. I recommend her highly.”

Claire Oulton - Headmistress, Benenden

“During May 2011 Mimi Anderson gave two extremely interesting and inspirational talks focusing on her achievements in the world of ultra-distance running in our school. The first was focused at upper Primary students and the second at Secondary students. Both talks were highly interesting, dynamic and delivered with the age group of the students in mind. The students found them interesting and moreover inspirational, particularly the girls who are used to seeing male sporting role models and less so female ones. In particular, for some of the girl this gave them more confidence to “go out on their own” and was particularly relevant to the students following the International Youth Program (International version of the Duke of Edinburg award) that we have running in the school. The talks were accompanied by a spectacular visual presentation that captured the imagination of the students. I can only highly recommend these talks to students of school age between upper Primary and Secondary.”

Dr Mark Woolley - Principal, Nova School, Sunland International

“Robertsbridge Community College were privileged to host Mimi as guest speaker at our GCSE presentation evening. I can honestly say that Mimi was one of the most inspirational speakers we have had at the College and it was a joy to see the audience sit wide-eyed and open-mouthed as she told of her running exploits and how she had overcome adversity to enjoy her many triumphs. Her talk was accompanied by a spectacular slideshow and she entertained us all with a keen sense of humour which, sadly, you cannot always rely on when inviting in guest speakers. Mimi was engaging, warm and friendly and her talk courted such interest as to merit an article in our now famous College newsletter. She stayed to socialise with students and parents after her talk and will always be a welcome visitor to our College. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mimi to any public event and hope she will be returning to our College soon.”

Simon Potten - Headteacher, Robertsbridge Community College

“Mimi’s keynotes at the Investing Women ‘Ambition & Growth Conference’ and our prestigious dinner in the Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle were nothing short of an injection of pure inspiration and motivation – she is totally amazing! I know I talk for every single person there that Mimi has inspired us all by her completely amazing achievements, sheer grit and wonderful positive attitude. How fantastic to know someone who has both achieved such extraordinary feats of endurance but has done so to help/support women. If ever you get the chance to hear or meet Mimi – grab it – she is indeed ‘marvellous”!

Jackie Waring - - CEO & Founder | Investing Women

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