Training outside – Marvellous!

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Training outside – Marvellous!

Becky & I on the return leg of the Spartathlon 2015

I’m absolutely loving being able to finally train outside, even if it is on a bike! But I don’t care, the feeling of being outdoors rather than stuck in a gym is the best feeling in the world.

Rehab continues to go well and with every small step I’m moving in the right direction.  Being patient isn’t always easy and there are occasions when I’m walking the dog that I think “Deana will never know if I have a little jog” BUT what happens if that little jog sets me back by a couple of weeks, whose fault will that be?  So I’m on my best behaviour and listening to the experts as all I want to do is be able to RUN outside.

For the last few weeks I go have two sessions on the Alter G, I warm up for 5 minutes on full body weight then on 60% of my body weight I run for 7mins and the next time for 10 mins.  This might not sound much but let me tell you it’s a marvellous feeling running with no pain.

I’m now on 70% of body weight (Way to go Mimi!) and from now on at each visit the time will increase by 3 minutes and each week the body weight will increase. My speed has increased,  (I have a competition with myself to see how far I can run in a short time, silly I know but keeps me happy), I walk at 4.4 – 4.5mph and run at between 7.3- 7.5, my best marathon was 3:34 so I’m happy with that pace for the time being.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be using my ElliptiGo bike instead of my bike for my long ride at the weekend as this will test my knee even further without putting too much stress on it.  Then, all going well I will be able to start running outside.  You have no idea how excited I am about that, I don’t care what the weather is like I will be out there.  Slowly at first, very much walk, run but fingers crossed it will progress well and I will be running properly before you know it.

One of the joys of riding my bike has been having HWMBO with me for company, I’m loving it, although I took him on a hillier 23 mile route the other day and he was knackered when we finished but he’s getting fitter! I have always envied couples who exercise together.  Over the years although HWMBO has been amazing I always feel guilty going off at the weekend for a few hours to run, now we both get up and head out the door together (then get home and have to walk the dogs).

This weekend HWMBO will be on his bike and I’ll be on the ElliptiGO, so if anyone passes us please wave (I might not be able to wave back as I could fall off!!!) I will also be wearing my new PINK cycling helmet thanks to Bikes of Inverness.


My rehab exercises now have to be done twice a day and weights have increased at the gym, fantastic!

I’m aiming for a Marathon in March which is very exciting.  I put a post up on FB asking for peoples help and I was amazing at the response (thank you everyone), I had no idea there were so many marathons in one month!!

Mikkel Beisner-357

Feeling very positive and happy.

Happy Training!



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